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Impress your customers Anytime and Anywhere


Impress your customer. Because iGlobe CRM is a part of your Microsoft Office 365, you have access to customer and contact information, tasks, calendar appointments, e-mails, sales opportunities, contracts, and sales history, securely online wherever you may be. When you connect with customers, they'll be delighted by your complete, up-to-date picture of every interaction they've had with you.

With iGlobe CRM you can both get and updating information on-the-fly, from you computer or tablet, no matter if it is a Surface, iPad or Adnroide.

Your customer will be impressed by the fast and accurate respond you are able to provide.

"Imagine that your customer call the office and one of you colleagues answer the phone. He takes a note of the customer’s request, investigate and add a possible respond in the note. 15 min later the same customer call you. You can immediately see the notes your colleague made in iGlobe CRM. You know the problem and…you have the solution that your colleague found. So, how impressed will your customer be? You already know is problem and you have the solution!"

Alon EkelundCEO, iGlobe

Buy iGlobe CRM from Microsoft Office Store or through a partner. Partner can provide you with guidance and a lower price.

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